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Rotting Christ.... Black Metal

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170287	Rotting Christ – Thy Mighty Contract  1993	2017	Peaceville – VILELP642	S/S	UK
СодержаниеA1The Sign Of Evil Existance2:00A2Transform All Suffering Into Plagues5:25A3Fgmenth Thy Gift4:30A4His Sleeping Majesty5:49B1Exiled Archangels5:07B2Dive The Deepest Abyss3:33B3Coronation Of The Serpent4:04B4The Fourth Knight Of Revelation6:48..
2 400.00 р.
2 LP и более ЗАПЕЧАТАНА На складе
170192	Rotting Christ – Abyssic Black Metal	2018	Peaceville – VILELP644	S/S	Europe
Трек-лист                   Promo 1995A1Snowing Still A2One With The Forest A3The Opposite Bank  Satanas Tedeum (1989)B1Hills Of The Crucifixion B2Feast Of The Grand Whore B3Th..
3 000.00 р.